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Choice set of 3 (without 15cm) or set of 4. 
Each box is 90cm long X 75cm wide
Heights are 15cm-30cm-45cm-60cm.
Designed to work individually or together as a set and can be stacked together. 
The boxes are attached together with strong Velcro straps to help ensure safety during use.


Two Types of Filling avaliable:


EPE Filling

15cm - 7LBS

30cm - 13 LBS

45cm - 17 LBS

60cm - 21LB


High Strength foam + EPE filling                                    

15cm - 28.65LBS

30cm - 32.63LBS 

45cm - 37.80LBS 

60cm - 42.2LBS  


High Strength Foam Filler proviode extra support & durability.

Rectangular Premium Soft Poly Box

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